Seven Useful Windows 7 Tips And Tricks

Windows 7

Seven Useful Windows 7 Tips And Tricks

Windows 7 is a good operating system which is good to go even without the need of tweaking the settings. There are many useful tips and tricks which can make sure that you have a very useful experience.

Bypass the Recycle Bin

The windows recycle bin is very good against all the accidental file deletion. If you are looking to delete a file instead of deleting it you can be sure to bypass it. All you have to do is press the shift and delete key and enter to confirm it. If you permanently want to disable the recycle bin your can choose to do that by choosing the sign to disable the recycle bin.

One windows explorer faster

You can save some few minutes of your time by pressing windows logo+E which will instantly launch the windows explorer where you do not have to instantly wait for to manually select it.

keyboard shortcuts

Enable underlining of keyboard shortcuts

Windows have many menu shortcut keys where it is hidden due to default settings. To enable he underlining of the shortcuts you can easily go to panel and ease of access center and later change you setting on how you keyboard should work. Now you have to select the box and hit ok for it to apply.

Bypass the windows splash screen

If you want to disable the windows splash screen you can save a couple of minutes from the total boot time. All you have to do is launch the windows and run the command, type in ‘msconfig’. This will take you to boot tab and you can enter NO GUI boot and hit the ok button for you to apply all the changes.

Lock windows quickly

It is always a good idea to make sure that you lock your windows which is just a step away. Lock the windows quickly and press the windows logo and L. This will make sure that your windows is locked instantly.


Show hidden files and folders

To view your files and folders derive the windows hides and make sure that you open the windows search box and type the folder. The next step is to make sure that you have a search list which can help you navigate the view tab. Under hidden files and folders check the box next where you can store all these hidden files. Our partner company has other super helpful tips to keep your computer running smoothly.

Rename multiple files

If you want to rename all the multiple files you have to type the first name of the file and select F2. Rename the first file and hit enter. All you files will be renamed in a numerical manner with the first words. If you want to change you can also hit control and Z to undo it.

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