9 Simple Computer Hacks That Are Legitimately Useful


9 Simple Computer Hacks That Are Legitimately Useful

There are many hack in computer that you can use to navigate their world. It is mostly useful when you are in certain situations. We try to transcend to the fact that these hacks are quite difficult to follow when you are new here. But adding them in your life can make a huge difference

Find out all the information Goggle knows about you

Google is pretty transparent when it comes to finding the right information and showing you what they have collected on you. You can look at what google provides you when you are looking at the history, ads, location history, takeouts, dashboards, youtube history and permissions.

Disable the autoplay option

It can get a little annoying when you are online a video starts to play. You can easily turn this off by going to the setting and clicking on video to turn off the autoplay options .


Do a quick reverse image search

If you are interested in learning from where the online image came from all you have to do is hold S and right click on the image. Try to do select the search google for image that will appear in the drop down menu.

Clear your cache

A simple way to clear your cache is by opening your webpage where you have already cleared cache. All you have to do is click control and select shift+R at the same time. This will make sure that your page is refreshed.

Have a brightness of your computer screen automatically adjust

This is one of the most useful hack where all you have to do is to find out the right level of brightness which can allow you to sleep better. All you have to do is find the right place and you can easily make sure that you computer brightness is adjusted the way which can suit your eyes.

Some shortcuts making life easy

If you are using a PC for everything you can be sure that these shortcuts will save some precious time. If you want to switch between the windows click Alt+tab, Close the window by clicking Alt+F4, Switch between a browser and Excel tabs by selecting Ctrl-Tab, Close a tab easily by Ctrl-F4 and If you want to undo anything just Ctrl-Z.

Repeat on youtube over and over

Repeat on youtube over and over

If you want to repeat the song on loop all you have to do is replace the word ‘youtube’ by adding ‘listenonrepeat.’ This will make sure that you have the right song which can keep you going until you want it to stop.

Turn Chrome to PDF reader

Reading a PDF within the chrome is a solid experience which can work better on a laptop. All you have to do it drag the PDF file into chrome and you can read anything in a PDF format.

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